Grimgrin combo edh

Grimgrin combo. How do I make this combo deck appear casual and actually somewhat competitive? ... It's objectively a better combo than any other combo in all of EDH. Zombie Shenanigans in EDH Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Rooftop Storm Gravecrawler Diregraf Captain Drop Rooftop Storm, grab Grimgrin from the Command zone, Play Gravecrawler and Diregraf Captain. Sacrifice Gravecrawler to Grimgrin, play from graveyard for . Rinse and repeat. Grimgrin becomes an infinite/infinite and any player you choose loses ... A few suggested alternatives to the EDH banlist: Only ban Power, fast mana, and any card that’s over $100. Only ban combinations of cards (e.g. you can play Leovold if your deck has no wheels) You can play banned cards, but every time you do you have to put a dollar in the Jerk Jar.