Alternative to tables for tabular data

Table 12a has an identical spacing between each column and the table is perceived as 6 columns of data excluding the row headers. Table 12b draws together the minimum and maximum columns in order to relate them, and separates the temperature, humidity and pressure values. Along with these 2 Tables, there are just 3 named ranges set up with Name Manager, which then permit any number of dependent data validation drop downs to be used in the Data Entry table. How to apply Data Validation to cells has been well described in other sections of this site, so that will not be covered here. Mar 27, 2014 · You can apply them to your data tables with similar improvements in readability and aesthetics. To paraphrase Edward Tufte, too often when we create a data table, we imprison our data behind a wall of grid lines. Instead we can let the data itself form the structure that aids readability by making better use of alignment and whitespace. Mar 28, 2004 · But using tables for screen layout is just one step above creating your screen layout in Photoshop and uploading it as a single jpeg. At the moment webmasters write table layouts to support legacy browsers and users continue to browse using legacy browsers because there's no reason to update.