Model 70 action length

wondering what to set the action screws at.. im guessing 35lbs on all 3 but I do not want to guess really.. any help would be great their are 2 screws in rear with the trigger gaurd and 1 screw just above floorplate.. it also hooks into the action not just a barrel screw thanks in advance kasey Does anyone have a CAD drawing (or regular drawing) for a recent model Winchester Model 70 action? I did some searching on the web but found nothing. I want to check out the blueprint specification for the action and the barrel tenon. Winchester Rifles Modern Bolt/Auto/Single Model 70 for sale and auction. Buy a Winchester Rifles Modern Bolt/Auto/Single Model 70 online. Sell your Win... May 04, 2017 · I ordered a set of Winchester hex head screws almost on a whim. I am glad I did. They fit well, look good, and are plenty strong. I will continue to use both the Winchester, and the Remington action screws. I like that I don’t have to time any slotted screw heads. All in all, a great buy.