Car wont go over 3000 rpm

Aug 06, 2015 · She set us up a service appointment for Saturday morning. This morning, the car would accelerate very slowly and would not go over 3000 RPM. When it reached 3000, it started skipping. I turned around and drove it back home. In 3rd gear, the car would not go over 40 MPH. Hit 4th, and the car would slow down. Wow tried to give a rev to my son today and noticed the engine wont go past about 3500 rpms, it cuts off. The engine does not shut off but seems electronically controlled to cut off. I imagine I'm not the only one to notice this and I suppose its programed to protect the engine. Am I right... Hi there my honda civic type r fn2 is shaking bad on acceleration at anything over 3000rpm its worse goin up hill tyres and balance are all up to standard and also the tracking is good started of a small vibration now is shaking violently i also have engine management light coming on though i think its unrelated . My car has 84000 miles. one day i was driving my car and it was running fine.all of the sudden, it seemed like it was missing or something. now the car wont go over 3500 rpm's even with the throttle wide open.does any one know what might have caused this or what to look for.