Devicenet repeater

repeater/isolator The ranges includes various products for solving all the needs of a CANopen line like extension of the line, increase of nodes number, isolation of CANopen branches, protection from spikes noise and electrostatic charger or simply to change the communication baudrate. CAN BUS/DeviceNet/CANOpen Fiber Optic Repeater Ci-af12 - Comark Products Made In China, China Manufacturer. 【 Summarize 】 This series is a Can protocol fieldbus fiber optic repeater, supporting CAN2.0A/B protocol: CAN 、 DeviceNet 、 CAN Open 、 SDS 、 NMEA2000 、 SAE J1939 、 SAE J2284 standard fieldbus etc., independent dual bus electric interface and 2 fiber interface, supply ... DeviceNet Self-Healing Ring Optical Transceiver. DeviceNet D-SUB Optical Transceiver. DeviceNet Cascade Bus ... DeviceNet ASFOM Optical Transceiver. DeviceNet Repeater DeviceNet/CAN Network Tee Connectors, DeviceNET Cable and Connectors CN425 Tee Connectors provide fast and reliable network-drop connections for Five-Wire Network installations. Specially suited for DeviceNET and other CAN networks, these connectors provide considerable price advantage compared to molded Tee’s and cables. As the distance to the new node is quite big, a Devicenet repeater is installed, make Turck REP-DN, data sheet attached. Here's a simple graphic of the setup. The network is running at 125K. The additional network extension is drawn in red.