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We were able to observe the horrific Reaper reproductive process first-hand by introducing cattle into the holding tank. It appears the victim is doomed the moment that it is speared and injected with larvae, turning them into a bloated mass of flesh (aptly referred to as a "zombie" by your men). The concept behind the mod is to make Cows that are dynamically generated according to what is in the Forge Fluid Registry. Cow Features: Fluid randomly selected. When you right click the cow with an empty fluid container (bucket, cell, etc) it will attempt to give you a filled version of that container. Quality level: Of Cows and Wine is the ninth storyline mission in Just Cause 3. Contents[show] Introduction Mission briefing on the map: "After foiling Di Ravello's plans to eradicate thousands of Medicians with a Bavarium warhead, Rico recieves an urgent call from Mario. Ready for any peril after the tumultuous battle for the Insula Fonte region, Rico goes to meet his friend, seemingly in the ... Mechanical ventilation of buildings - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Ventilation is necessary in buildings to remove ‘stale’ air and replace it with ‘fresh’ air: