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Aimed at newer players but should be lots of helpful hints and tips for everyone! Covering different game settings to shot cuts in looting and ways to play the game. Der Australier Pestily ist zum Jahresanfang 2020 der beliebteste Streamer auf Twitch. Mit dem Shooter Escape From Tarkov sammelte Pestily über fünf Millionen Zuschauerstunden – mehr als doppelt so viel wie nächstbeste Streamer. Das ist zumindest der Stand vom 9. Januar 2020. So erreichte Castro_1021 mit FIFA 20 "nur" 1,95 Millionen Stunden. As a veteran of the complicated FPS, Pestily has extensive knowledge of strategies, load-outs, and which stats really matter on weapons and ammo. Pestily - Escape From Tarkov. 597 views - Wed, Dec 25 at 23:37. WTFF SPEEDHACK ... Name. Pestily - Escape From Tarkov. 51 views - Sat, Dec 21 at 23:03 Pestily streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. #271 most watched Escape From Tarkov channel #130 most watched English Escape From Tarkov channel