Indochina capital company

Vietnam’s ancient capital, Hanoi. 1993 - Tours Operations to Indochina. With our inaugural tour receiving excellent feedback, we began operating one to two tours per month to Indochina. 1993 - Our First Tour . Our co-founder Paul Hole led our first tour to Vietnam with a group of . friends that tested the first itinerary. Our history Rick Mayo-Smith is Former Chief Executive Officer at Indochina Capital Vietnam Holdings Ltd. View Rick Mayo-Smith’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. Nov 15, 2019 · Indochina Kajima Development Limited (Indochina Kajima), a joint-venture between Indochina Capital, a leading real estate developer in Vietnam, and Kajima Corporation, one of Japan’s largest general contractors and real estate developers, has announced two exciting milestones: the start of construction for the second Wínk Hotel in the central business district of Danang; and the topping out ... Phuong Duong. Indochina Capital. company placeholder image. Head of International Sales at Indochina Properties. View profile View profile badges View similar profiles. Peter R. Ryder Chief Executive Officer of Indochina Capital. Peter arrived in Vietnam in January 1992. Prior to founding Indochina Capital, Peter was a partner from 1992-1998 in two New York-based investment companies, active in investing in Vietnam across various sectors, including real estate, construction, IT, consumer services and products, banking, and education. Indochina Capital CEO Peter Ryder shared, “Indochina Capital is always looking for excellent Vietnam-focused investment opportunities. When Toong came to our attention, we were immediately interested because the company has the largest and widest footprint of any coworking space provider in Vietnam.