Install dronekit

Here is what we will soon to address DroneKit Python installation on Windows: A dedicated Windows installer generator lives at windows/droneapiWinBuild.bat . This generates a program Output\DroneKitsetup-1.x.x.exe which can be used to install all dependencies. To install DroneKit-Python using the installer: Download and run the latest MAVProxy installer — accept all prompts. Download and run the latest DroneKit installer — accept all prompts (install in the same location as MAVProxy). Before executing DroneKit scripts you must first start MAVProxy and connect to your autopilot (simulated or real).DroneKit-Python (formerly DroneAPI-Python) contains the python language implementation of DroneKit. The API allows developers to create Python apps that communicate with vehicles over MAVLink. It provides programmatic access to a connected vehicle's telemetry, state and parameter information, and enables both mission management and direct ...dronekitに必要なライブラリが不足しているので,まずは依存ライブラリをインストールします. dronekitのために必要なライブラリのインストール $ sudo apt install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev