Gta 4 not closing

So in closing, GTA V is a better game than GTA IV, But Rockstar have not taken care to treat the game with the same level of respect due to trends in the gaming industry going more towards monetization than artistic value. Jan 10, 2020 · Grand Theft Auto IV -- popularly known as GTA 4 -- has been delisted from Steam, and it's currently unclear why. Today, fans began to notice that the second best instalment in the popular and long ... Jan 02, 2017 · Grand Theft Auto V has finally been released today on PC, and many players are encountering issues and errors that are preventing them from being able to play the game. The most common GTA 5 PC Errors are Low FPS, Stuttering, Game Not Launching, Crashes and some other minor issues. So you can’t download original GTA 4 for android mobile. Now there are varieties of the website which gives you Grand theft auto 4 but they don’t give you original GTA 4, they will give you moded GTA 4 of GTA 3 game or GTA San Andreas game. And also GTA 4 is not available on the Google Play Store not even on official Rockstar website. Why?