Abdullah quilliam quotes

The Quilliam Press is named after Shaykh Abdullah Quilliam (1856–1932). A Liverpool solicitor and campaigner for the rights of the oppressed, he converted to Islam in 1887, seeing it as the last religion which preserved its original teachings and practices intact. William Henry Quilliam, a local Liverpool solicitor and resident embraced Islam in 1887 (aged 31), after returning from a visit to Morocco, and took on the name Abdullah. He claimed that he was ... Aug 11, 2014 · Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam was an Englishman who had embraced Islam and been appointed the Sheikh al Islam of the British Isles by the Ottoman Caliph, Sultan Abdul Hamid II. He used his mosque in Liverpool as a base to help poor and unfortunate mothers who had been abandoned by Victorian society. Dec 19, 2017 · The Crescent newspaper, edited by Quilliam, regularly published inspiring quotes of notable Brits such as Shakespeare and Lord Tennyson. Quilliam's role and influence were such that he was given the title of Sheikh Ul Islam of Britain by the Ottomans, and when he left Liverpool in 1908, it seems his community disbanded too.