Iida x reader ao3

Katsuki x Reader insert (Boku no hero academia). Having been exposed to the world of villains from a young age, you face your future with a heavy heart, wanting nothing more than to leave your past behind. Still struggling to come to terms with your own powers, it's safe to say that as a hero, y... An Archive of Our Own, ... This will be a collection of imagines and character x reader scenarios from my writing tumblr blog, thetrashyartwitch ... Iida Tenya/Reader ... Read Tenya Iida x Reader: Math Problems from the story Boku no Hero x Reader! OneShots by kuistic ( Akano ) with 30,638 reads. fluff, anime, manga. You glanc... An Archive of Our Own, ... NSFW Iida x Reader scenario <3. Series. Part 2 of My Hero Academia ... BNHA characters X reader self-insert.