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Source code of the MapServer project. . Contribute to mapserver/mapserver development by creating an account on GitHub.The map service is the way that you make maps available to the web using ArcGIS. You'll make the map in ArcMap, then publish the map as a service to your ArcGIS Server site. Internet or intranet users can then use the map service in web applications, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, and other client applications.What is a MapFile ?¶ The Mapfile is the configuration file that MapServer uses to render geospatial data as images or vector data. Its main purpose is to define the layers it can draw, how to read necessary data, and how to render it (e.g. color, symbol, label, etc…). MapServer Known as one of the fastest mapping engines in the world, MapServer is an Open Source platform for publishing spatial data and interactive mapping applications to the web. Originally developed in the mid-1990’s at the University of Minnesota, MapServer is released under an MIT-style license , and runs on all major platforms ( Windows , Linux , Mac OS X ). MapServer is developed and supported by a rich ecosystem of businesses and individuals around the world. In this page we provide a list of service providers who can assist you in getting the best out of your MapServer investment.