Mercedes comand hidden menu

Access this menu by pressing [Hang up][7][9] for 8 seconds. This only works with NTG5.1 Audio 20 and Command online system if you have MY2015 or later B class. These are the available options: 1. Volume Separation - it has minimum and maximum Offsets for internal and external. Not sure what it... Hi brothers, I have a 2016 e220d with NTG 5.5 comand full with 12.3 inch screens I am trying to load the secret menu to activate mirrorlink and phone Internet tethering This article applies to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and C-Class AMG (2007-2014). The Mercedes-Benz is equipped with a COMAND system that offers the ability to control your navigation system, radio, telephone and address book function, DVD video, and system settings using a centrally located control knob. There is no support for NTG 5.5 units where the menu for custom POIs is missing, its running later incompatible software *e.g. the new Mercedes E-Class (W213 and W238) year 2011-2014. you probably have NTG 4.5 or NTG 4.7 and can use the speed camera database. Enter the hidden menu by pressing and holding down the keys RED PHONE BUTTON and # and ... The roller test from the menu disables completely ESP and ABS, making dyno tests safe for a RWD car, not really safe for a 4-matic unless tested on a dual axle roller. As far as I know, there is no Comand engineering menu like previous Comand models have had and also more recent Comand models on other body types have.