Ubuntu 10.10 8gb ram

I have 2x2 GiB sticks of RAM installed. Running memtest86 from the grub boot menu confirms this.. memtest86 reports no errors.. However every which way I check my available memory in a running Ubuntu 10.04 system, it reports only approximately 3.2 GiB. This item Ubuntu Fanless Mini pc with 8gb Ram 16gb Ssd WiFi 1080p Mini Embedded pc. Mini PC Fanless Intel Atom Quad Core CPU 4GB DDR/64GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro HDMI and VGA Port 2.4/5.8G WiFi BT4.2 USB3.0 Wake on LAN PXE Boot Auto Power On Mounting Bracket #1 Best Seller ...HELLOTUX sell an Ubuntu MATE branded 8GB Metallic Unibody USB stick that is just 41 mm long and less than 5 mm thick. It’s the perfect flash drive for your key ring, always with you. HELLOTUX will also help you to upgrade your flash drive to the next version of Ubuntu MATE, absolutely free. Purchase I'm not trying to compare Windows and Linux here head to head, as they serve different purposes, for but daily productivity, it's obvious that Ubuntu grants a smoother, simpler transition from bare bones to full desktop. Satisfaction level: 10/10. Closing note And that would be all. I'm very pleased with this new machine.